Tennessee Treehouse Holiday Getaway!

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AHH WHERE TO START?! I put together a Holiday Getaway for a few local Nashville bloggers and photographers. Since moving to Nashville almost 2 years ago I have always been inspired with its entrepreneurial spirit and go-getter attitude. Everyone (and I mean everyone) has their own thing going on. Nashvillians have this purpose driven thing that’s contagious with an overwhelming willingness to help anyone they come in contact with. Talk about inspiring!


It’s this attitude that’s had me wanting to get more and more involved with this type of community, which is how the concept of hosting a women’s retreat came about. I wanted to connect with more like-minded women, learn more about the industry of influence and build strong female relationships.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into but damn did this event turn out to be AWESOME!

The Holiday Getaway was hosted at the Treehouse in Center Hill Lake, let me tell you, this place is something special! Located about an hour and half outside of Nashville the drive itself is something to be talked about. Rolling hills, beautiful mountains, fall foliage, and with the Treehouse sitting on top of a lake…picture perfect views!! To give this trip the extra luxe I was looking for, I brought 12th Table in to completely re-create the dining and living room space, THEY EFFING KILLLLLED IT! Sticking with my black, grey and white color scheme they brought in furniture, texture, table placements and tiny details to really make the space pop!


The week started off with a formal dinner catered by Caviar & Bananas, good God this meal was delicious! Keri and Chef Joe drove all the way out to prepared their Holiday Catering Menu complete with a spread of roasted turkey breast, bourbon maple-glazed ham, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, cornbread stuffing, and cranberry sauce…also can't forget the bomb appetizers and dessert! We capped off the night huddled around a cozy fire indulging in Tavola Wine and talking about our 2018 goals, something I think everyone should do (wine included)!


Tuesday was a day of collaboration and intentional conversation. We started the day with Love and Exile mimosas and rosé (obviously), took a hike down to the lake for some beautiful shots before sunset, made build-your-own pizzas for dinner and drank WithCo cocktails while watching Home Alone!


It was refreshing to hear all of the girls not just talk about their triumphs in life but to also hear about their struggles and the ways they’ve overcome them. That’s the biggest thing I wanted from this retreat, conversation that was authentic and inspirational. I left feeling rejuvenated but also ready to kick life’s ass!

I’m so thankful for all the brands that were involved in the Holiday Getaway Retreat, you made week extra special! Thank you to the women who attended, your vulnerability and overall drive to get shit done is inspiring! I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2018!! See you at the next Retreat! 

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Alexis Teichmiller  / Creator + Podcaster

Alexis Teichmiller / Creator + Podcaster

Hunter Premo  / Blogger

Hunter Premo / Blogger

Caitlyn Fisler  / Singer
Lauren White  / Photographer

Lauren White / Photographer

Julia Cox  / Photographer 

Julia Cox / Photographer 

Jessica Steddom  / Photographer

Jessica Steddom / Photographer

A special thank you goes out to all of the contributors! 

12th Table  / Designer Event Rentals

12th Table / Designer Event Rentals

Caviar & Bananas  / Catering

Caviar & Bananas / Catering

Tavola Wine  / Wine
Authentic by Frani  / Wedding & Event Calligraphy

Authentic by Frani / Wedding & Event Calligraphy

Osea Malibu  / Natural Skincare Products

Osea Malibu / Natural Skincare Products

Juice Nashville  / Juice & Acai Bowls

Juice Nashville / Juice & Acai Bowls

WithCo  / Fresh Ingredient Cocktail Mixers

WithCo / Fresh Ingredient Cocktail Mixers

Tree Elves  / Frasier Fur Christmas Tree

Tree Elves / Frasier Fur Christmas Tree

MUK LUKS  / Slippers & Socks

MUK LUKS / Slippers & Socks

Sevenly  / Outfitter for World Changers

Sevenly / Outfitter for World Changers

Love and Exile Wines  / Canned Rosé & Prosecco

Love and Exile Wines / Canned Rosé & Prosecco

Be Free Revolution  / Custom Cuffs

Be Free Revolution / Custom Cuffs