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Hi, thanks for stopping by my page! This is where I'm supposed to give you my title but to be honest "influencer" is over-used, and I want this space to be so much more than that. If nothing else, this is a creative outlet for me to share real, honest and purposeful inspiration directly with you, my readers! 

With an unfiltered voice and a dry sense of humor my style reflects an edgier vibe and matches my daily mood. I get excited about the outdoors, my dog Zeus, good music, a new adventure and most of all...paving my own path.

Second Muse comes from the idea that we all have individual qualities that inspire the people around us. As the Second oldest daughter in a family of 9, my greatest influence has been my family.  It's because of them that I am who I am today. I'm super excited to have the opportunity to share with you the things that inspire me most!