My Bedroom w/ Urban Outfitters


I’ve been working on my room for some time now, and while it’s still got a little work left, I’m really happy with how it’s coming along. I would characterize my interior design style as having simplicity, minimalism, and functionality (which according to Wikipedia, means I lean toward Scandinavian Design). I am not one for a lot of color or over-cluttered spaces, as you can see the only real “color” I have in my room are my plants LOL

I was really excited to work with Urban Outfitters on this project, they have so many great pieces to choose from that will help elevate your room décor and make your home feel more like YOU. Having a space the reflects my style is important to me, make sure you choose décor that you love and not just what’s “in” at the moment.

My tip to you would be to choose a few statement items and then a few smaller pieces that bring out your personality. Rugs help to fill out blank space, mirrors give your room more light and make it seem larger, bookshelves are a great spot to put personal touches, and wall art will speak to you and your guests!

Once I complete my bedroom I’ll give ya’ll a full tour, but for now here’s how I decorated with Urban Outfitters :)

*This mirror is currently out of stock, but I’ve added a great substitute!

*This mirror is currently out of stock, but I’ve added a great substitute!

(ignore the giant dust bunny..such is life)

(ignore the giant dust bunny..such is life)


Partnership with Urban Outfitters. All opinions are my own.