Backyard Inspiration

Sorry I have been so MIA lately on the blog and social media, between having my family visit for a week and moving I’ve been swamped! We move into the house tomorrow…yes, TOMORROW, and  must admit that I haven’t packed a single thing yet, literally not one box.

About a week and a half ago I shared the new house on my Instagram story and got SO MUCH positive feedback from y’all. (I left the tour on my Instagram Highlight - “House” if you still want to see it.) What I’m most exciting about moving into this house is having space, while I love my apartment it just wasn’t conducive to doing DIY projects, hosting people, or having much privacy. 

I really enjoy doing DIY projects, making something yourself is just so much more rewarding than buying it, plus it’s incredibly fun! Now that I have a backyard and garage I plan to devote more time to doing DIY projects and home decor for y’all. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to have a place for tools! So many tools.

My first project is going to be the backyard. I FINALLY have a space to host and I want to get that put together as quickly as I can. I’ve been living on Pinterest lately and wanted to share some of my inspiration for the backyard. 

I am beyond readyyyyy to be able to host dinner parties AT MY OWN PLACE now!  The first thing I plan to build is a long farmhouse style table. I've been going between a few different stain colors but I'm loving how these dark oak one's look.

My goal with the backyard is to create an intimate space that's perfect for both small and large groups. The farmhouse table will be be great for dinner parties but I also want the yard to be able to entertain larger groups. To achieve this I want to build an L shaped lounge couch with plush pillows for a warm and inviting look. The color scheme that I've been living for lately is obviously white (duh), grey, and contrasting warm wood tones. 

Click on the photos for credit to where the inspiration came from! 
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Moving day is tomorrow! Once I get settled in I plan to start the DIY process! If y'all have any suggestions, comment below! :)