Champagne Mule


As all of you are well aware by now, I live for a good Moscow Mule. On this day, I was fresh out of vodka and didn’t want to leave the comfort of sweats to venture out in the cold for liquor. So I did the next best thing - improvise.

The only thing I had was Champagne so I went with it and created a Champagne Mule. To be honest I thought I made something revolutionary, that is until I took a look at Pinterest and saw there were about 5000 other champagne mule recipes. Whatever, mines better.

I was actually surprised I hadn’t tried to make this before, traditional mules already have a crisp bubbly taste so naturally champs would just add to the effect. I personally, do not like sweet drinks so when I make mules I want them on the spicy side. The key is in the quality of ginger beer you buy, and the only ones I recommend are Cock N’ Bull and Q Ginger Beer.

So here you are, my random delicious concoction that turned a not so great day into a spectacular one.



  • Muddle a few mint leaves and place them in the bottom of your flute.

  • The next steps are really up to you, depending on how much ginger flavor you want. Everyone is different. I usually fill the glass a 1/4 of the way with Ginger Beer, add some fresh squeezed lime juice, fill the remainder of the glass with champagne and then garnish with lime slice and more mint leaves.

  • For a little more kick you can add a splash of vodka, I obviously didn’t have any so I stuck with just champagne.